Companies of all sizes are starting to understand just how powerful 3D and AR technology is going to be. 3D is the crucial building block of the virtual world and the basis of AR. And although most are familiar with this technology in gaming and entertainment, demand for 3D and AR across marketing, advertising, and eCommerce is now picking up at a rapid pace. 

This growth in opportunities however opens up many more practical questions. For example, some basics on how to get started, how WebAR compares to mobile and apps, and understanding how to optimize your 3D models across various different use cases. 

Watch this 8Talks recorded live webinar hosted by 3D Automation Lead Pawel Nikiel from CGTrader ARsenal and Rigel Benton, Lead Product Designer at developer platform 8th Wall, as they tackle these themes and share insights from recent projects.

Key takeaways: 

  • Why 3D modeling is replacing traditional product visualization now.
  • How the web is a more powerful place for AR compared to mobile. 
  • The importance of a 3D marketplace like CGTrader to WebAR projects.
  • How artists and companies can optimize 3D assets for WebAR to improve performance. 
  • Tips on formatting and realism through real-time shadows and reflections. 
  • The role of AI and automation in 3D & AR projects now and into the future.

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Webinar: How to optimize 3D models for WebAR

Lara Oliveira is a Content Writer at CGTrader ARsenal. A meticulous researcher and copywriter, Lara has over a decade of B2B experience writing for wildly different industries - now focused on 3D and AR in eCommerce. Thanks to an odd childhood growing up around the world, Lara speaks 5 languages, and in her remaining spare time, writes a food, travel, and lifestyle blog.

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