One of the most exciting things about augmented reality technology (AR technology) and 3D product visualization is their vast application opportunities.

eCommerce businesses in nearly any sector can benefit from implementing these solutions into their marketing strategy. The furniture industry is no exception.

That’s why we’re bringing you a story about our collaboration with German outdoor furniture company Garten und Freizeit.

In this example of a business case, we’ll look at what the company does, what kind of challenge they faced, and what the company achieved using augmented reality and 3D solutions with CGTrader ARsenal.

BACKGROUND: stylish outdoor furniture for any home

Garten und Freizeit is an eCommerce retailer founded in Germany and specializing in high-quality outdoor furniture.

Customers can expect to find garden and leisure furniture on their online shop that are perfect for adding a stylish touch to any home. 

Some of Garten und Freizeit products include:

  • garden chairs and tables;
  • lounge furniture;
  • different types of garden umbrellas;
  • grills (gas, electric, charcoal);
  • various garden supplies (e.g., garden shower, pool accessories, etc.)

As the appeal for such products is high (especially in the spring-summer season), the company needed a more interactive and innovative way to market them.

The challenge: when marketing the products with static images is not enough

Traditional prouct photography studio
Traditional product photography of bulky items causes an increase in costs. (Source: Unsplash)

When most of the products the brand sells are quite bulky, traditional photography, and more precisely – traditional photo shoots, may not be the best option to get product visuals. Additional costs required to make that happen, such as transportation, props, studio and talent expenses, add up quickly.

Moreover, with traditional photography, it’s harder for potential customers to get a real feel of a product’s true size, texture, color, and the overall look.

To overcome this issue, Garten und Freizeit started collaborating with local companies, including 360º photographers and 3D visualization partners, and immediately saw their conversions increasing up to 60%.

However, the problem was that the local providers were taking too much time to prepare 3D renderings. The company needed to find a partner that could offer high-quality, fast, and scalable solutions.

And that’s exactly what CGTrader ARsenal had to offer!

The solution: scalable, easy-to-use, and fast 3D modeling services by CGTrader ARsenal

Scalable 3D modeling services by CGTrader
CGTrader ARsenal AR and 3D features helped Garten und Freizeit to increase scalability, efficiency and spend less time on implementing high-quality 3D models into their product pages. (Source: CGTrader)

Collaborating with CGTrader ARsenal allowed Garten und Freizeit to get high-quality 3D models in swift turnaround times as well as leverage AR & 3D product viewers that were easy to use and didn’t require a large upfront investment.

When talking about the benefits of the collaboration, the company noted three key things:

  • scalability;
  • ease of implementation;
  • efficiency.

The CGTrader ARsenal solution for the company included all the services necessary to implement and use 3D technology:

  • high-quality 3D models;
  • YouTube-like embed links;
  • full mobile compatibility;
  • client-friendly payment plans;
  • integrated 3D Viewer & web-native AR.

During the collaboration, Juergen Schuster, founder and CEO of Garten-und-Freizeit.de, shared:

CGTrader ARsenal is the ideal solution to overcome the barriers to adoption of AR and VR across our online platform. It combines the full scalability, ease of implementation, and efficient 3D model delivery that we require – all in one solution.

The outcome: better user experience and scalability

Better user experience and scalability illustration
With the largest designer community and many years of experience in 3D modeling and AR, CGTrader is able to produce thousands of 3D models in the shortest lead time. (Source: CGTrader)

As a result of the partnership with CGTrader ARsenal, Garten und Freizeit started using the latest AR technology to improve their customer experience and increase their engagement.

All of that translated into higher conversion rates and more recognisable and unique branding.

Garten und Freizeit customers got an opportunity to see if their chosen product was worth the investment before committing to a purchase.

Thanks to web-native AR technology, customers could check if the product would fit (physically) in their space and if they were satisfied with its size, texture, and color.

Company-wise, implementing AR technology and 3D viewer helped Gartner und Freizeit reduce return rates and save on high shipping costs.

But most importantly, the company could scale and produce thousands of 3D models to accelerate their time to market and satisfy customer needs.

CGTrader ARsenal is the leading  3D modeling and Augmented Reality solutions’ provider. Here are some reasons why eCommerce brands choose our services:

  • Fifteen years of experience in 3D modeling.
  • Free access to our Digital Asset Management platform.
  • A community of thousands of highly skilled 3D designers.
  • Advanced Quality Assurance (QA) system.

Thinking of implementing 3D and AR solutions for your business? Contact the CGTrader ARsenal team to get a tailored solution for your brand!

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How outdoor furniture company Garten und Freizeit scaled their 3D model production with CGTrader ARsenal

Ieva Smitaite is the Content Lead at CGTrader Arsenal. She has 7+ years of experience working within photography, eCommerce, and tech startups. In her free time, Ieva loves traveling, exploring modern art & experimenting with cooking. More than anything, Ieva loves building a good story, so reach out to her at pr@cgtrader.com to talk about any possible content collaborations!

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